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Kenn Salazar | JULY 2023

What does Pride mean to you, this year specifically? " It means freedom. 2019 marked the year that I realized who I was. Who Kenn truly was. It means growth and being free from the boxes that people always seem to be put in and living my life as I see fit - being my authentic self and being proud of that authenticity. Understanding that I, Kenn, me - is a being that is a non-binary, pansexual, black queer person! And all of that was okay…it was okay not to fit the stereotypical lesbian archetype that people were expecting to see. I am free to be whole, happy, and complete [heart emoji]." Read less How has the current political atmosphere affected your mental health, and what tips would you give to other people struggling with the constant attacks on our community? The current political atmosphere has made me more aware of the privileges of my gender presentation, which allows me to pass in cis-hetero societal norms - so Im less likely to be attacked for my queer identity. However, I'm still very much aware that who I am and how I identify is not recognized or protected by the current political system. It's not something that I've ever really thought about prior to this timeframe really - so it's been a heavy point in my therapy sessions and my self care validity. 1. Spend time with Yourself - Getting to know the intimate things about yourself, your boundaries, your comfortability in your self and gender expression, & being genuinely happy with the version of yourself that exists right now. 2. Build Connection and Community - You want to be in spaces that allow you the ability to be affirmed and fully realized. No matter how much or how many times that evolves. 3.Go into Nature - Get out of the day-to-day routine and connect with things that are outside of yourself and are closer to nature like the sun, smells, and sounds of the bubble that you live in - just allowing yourself to be present in the moment. 4. Release - Whether creative or active motion but get all the things out and allow whatever doesn't serve you to be let go of - making sure to give yourself the grace to understand that you deserve to just BE! 5. Happiness ebbs and flows… it's okay to allow yourself to be happy with who you are right now and understand that being unhappy is only temporary!

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