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Gayla Theme | Standing Together for Love

Our theme was chosen this year due to the unprecedented attacks on our community.


This year has been a heavy hardship for all LGBTQIA+ peoples around the nation; misinformation, bigotry, and physical attacks seem like they are endlessly piling up and the world has seemingly reformed in its bias against our community.

There have been over 800 anti-lgbtq bills that have been introduced around the nation - this year alone! From trying to ban books that tell our stories, taking away vital healthcare services, and even getting rid of some of our oldest art forms like Drag Queens.

Despite the attempts to erase or silence us, we will not recess back into dormant lives or revert to hiding who we are - we will continue to live out loud and we hope ALL of you will stay with us in our efforts to move forward into a future of hope, acceptance, & most importantly - LOVE!


Because Love Wins - #Pride365

Gayla | Quick Information

Location | Ontario Convention Center

2000 E Convention Center Way

Ontario, CA 91764

Date | October 7 2023 

Time | 7p - 11p

Dinner will be served!

Silent Auction Available!

Entertainment, Awards, & More!

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